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Introducing Aussienomics

Introducing Aussienomics
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First of all, hello and welcome! I suppose I had better start with a quick summary of what Aussienomics is, although most of that is in the name: it's a newsletter about economics with a specific focus on Australia. It is written by me, Justin Pyvis, an economist with over 15 years of experience in applying economic, policy and investment analysis across Australasia's private and government sectors.

My goal with Aussienomics is simple: to try to understand what's unfolding in Australia by taking an insightful, nuanced perspective – no hysterics or sensationalism. Just well-researched economic commentary grounded in facts, delivered by email two to three times each week.

If this is your first time here you'll notice that I've pulled over few posts from the previous 'blog' iteration of Aussienomics that operated in 2023, for example a series of posts on migration:

Those posts were infrequent; however, now that I'm writing here full-time, the variety and frequency of posts will increase to around two to three per week, or whatever ends up being sustainable while maintaining a certain level of analytical quality.

By subscribing to Aussienomics, you'll get access to insightful economic analysis and be part of an engaged community of like-minded readers. As a paid subscriber, you'll also enjoy:

  • Access to original commentary 2-3 times per week on the latest economic developments in Australia - no hysterics or sensationalism, just nuanced takes grounded in facts.
  • Ask questions and suggest topics for me to cover. I'll do my best to address subscriber questions in future posts.
  • Join a community of readers interested in discussing the most important issues in Australia. Converse in subscriber-only comments.
  • Enjoy access to the full archive of posts, so you won't miss a thing.
  • Support independent economic commentary in Australia. Your subscription allows me to keep producing high-quality analysis!

Economists love to point out that there's no such thing as a free lunch. While I'd love to make everything free, this kind of work tends to take a lot of time, which is why you'll need to stump up A$20 a month to read certain posts. My hope is that you will derive enough marginal value from what I write to support this project with paid subscription – win, win!

If you're not ready to subscribe yet, you can still read a selection of free posts to get a taste of the Aussienomics perspective.

I'm excited by what Aussienomics could become and am committed to building a community around truly independent economic commentary in Australia, something which is desperately lacking. I hope you can become a part of that with me!